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Saddle up and vote while there's still time!

And we don't mean the November presidential election, either. Rather, we're referring to a poll we're conducting asking fans which Carole Lombard feature not part of Turner Classic Movies' "Star of the Month" schedule would you (hypothetically) like to see added?

To cast your vote, go to http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/121017.html -- don't do it at this entry. Choose three films, but vote before the deadline of midnight Thursday (Eastern)...less than 35 hours away.

Repeating the list:

* "High Voltage" (Pathe, 1929)

* "Big News" (Pathe, 1929)

* "The Arizona Kid" (Fox, 1930)

* "Safety In Numbers" (Paramount, 1930)

* "Fast And Loose" (Paramount, 1930)

* "It Pays To Advertise" (Paramount, 1931)

* "Man Of The World" (Paramount, 1931)

* "Ladies' Man" (Paramount, 1931)

* "Up Pops The Devil" (Paramount, 1931)

* "I Take This Woman" (Paramount, 1931)

* "No One Man" (Paramount, 1932)

* "Sinners In The Sun" (Paramount, 1932)

* "From Hell To Heaven" (Paramount, 1933)

* "Supernatural" (Paramount, 1933)

* "White Woman" (Paramount, 1933)

* "Bolero" (Paramount, 1934)

* "We're Not Dressing" (Paramount, 1934)

* "Now And Forever" (Paramount, 1934)

* "Rumba" (Paramount, 1935)

* "Love Before Breakfast" (Universal, 1936)

* "The Princess Comes Across" (Paramount, 1936)

* "True Confession" (Paramount, 1937)

* "Made For Each Other" (Selznick-International, 1939)

* "They Knew What They Wanted" (RKO, 1940)

Go to the link above and cast your vote now!

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