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Something to "Swing" about

I recently came across five production stills from Carole Lombard's 1937 "Swing High, Swing Low" -- as close as she ever came to making a full-fledged musical (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/11870.html). These are lovely photos of Carole, a few of them with co-star Fred MacMurray. Enjoy!

I'm not sure whether any of the above stills are from footage excised from most home video prints of the film, which has fallen into public domain. Apparently, no full-length 35mm version of "Swing High, Swing Low" can be found, even though it was Paramount's most successful film financially for 1937.

But the recent discovery of missing footage from Fritz Lang's renowned silent "Metropolis" gives rise to hope among movie buffs that this, and other films, can someday be made complete again.

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