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Lombard x 3 = ...

As Madonna might say, "Who's that girl?" ... or perhaps more accurately, "Who's those girls?" Supergirl certainly doesn't appear to know. However, if you're into comic books, there's a decent chance you have the answer.

Her "superhero name" is Triplicate Girl, and she's a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. Her actual name is Luornu Durgo, and she's from the planet Cargg, whose inhabitants all can split into three versions of themselves. (Most of the Legion's members have specific powers unique to their planet, such as Shrinking Violet, who like all natives of the planet Imsk has the ability to reduce to a miniature size.)

Triplicate Girl has survived the various reboots of the Legion over the decades -- although sometimes one of her selves has been killed off in action; during those times, the character has been known as Duo Damsel.

Several classic-era actresses got to play multiple versions of themselves on screen. Carole Lombard was never one of them, although she did pose as twins for a still photo saluting the Gish sisters in "Orphans Of The Storm" (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/66291.html).

But imagine if some film producer had come up with a script where Lombard could have appeared as triplets through the magic of trick photography. (Roy Seawright of the Hal Roach Studios, who did the superlative special effects of the "Topper" films, would have been ideal for this assignment.) It could've made a heckuva screwball comedy, with the triplicate Caroles confounding Cary Grant or Fred MacMurray or possibly Clark Gable...and even each other. But it was not to be (although perhaps I should write a treatment, just in case someone finally creates a time machine!).

Failing that, we'll have to settle for images like this one, where angled mirrors create the triple effect:

The above is a Paramount publicity still, P1202-378, probably taken in late 1932 or early '33. It's part of yet another eBay auction of the vast holdings of New Jersey resident Joseph Saveriana (http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/101480.html, http://community.livejournal.com/carole_and_co/113916.html). Once more, you'll find some more fairly rare stills, although unlike the previous two listings, there are no pictures of Lombard bowling. (Sorry to all you keglers.)

However, you will find Carole in sort of a May Day mood (as in dancing around the May pole and such, not the revolution of the proletariat). Or perhaps this, P1202-275, was done to commemorate the upcoming 1932 Olympics in Los Angeles:

Whatever you do, Carole, don't drive while wearing that scarf. Remember Isadora Duncan!

This one, P1202-1310, shows Lombard on a staircase, and was probably done in 1936 or '37:

And in this picture, P1202-1492, Carole appears ready to rest:

As has been the case with previous auctions from this seller, the starting price is a quite reasonable $9.99 -- and as of this writing, only the last of the four shown above has received a bid:

For the triple image:

For the scarf:

For the staircase:

For the resting:

Bidding on all four items continues through next Thursday, July 10.

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