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Very fine fashion for a p1202

After a 10-day hiatus, soaking in the change of presidential administrations near the end of a tumultuous month, it's back to celebrating Carole Lombard with our initial post under President Joe Biden. Above is Paramount p1202-884 from early in 1934, and later that year, Carole posed for p1202-967, also very fashionable:

Pretty stylish, and you get even more of a feel in this close-up:

What's on the back? No snipe, alas, but the next best thing -- a stamp showing it's from the vast Lester Glassner collection:

According to the seller, the photo -- a heretofore unseen Lombard p1202 -- is in very fine condition ("flat, bright, clean and glossy, no tears or folds").

So, do you want it in your collection? The price is $179.95, or you can make an offer. To find out more, visit https://www.ebay.com/itm/LOVELY-CAROLE-LOMBARD-ORIGINAL-PARAMOUNT-FASHION-PORTRAIT-PHOTO-GLASSNER-VF-1934/254843863201?hash=item3b55e0c0a1:g:g~wAAOSwccdgDaoV.

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