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Another animated advance for "Stand Tall!"

If you've wondered where I've been the past week, well, it's been difficult. The photo above is from Jan. 15, 1942 -- Carole Lombard's last full day on earth -- and I can only imagine her reaction to what transpired this past Wednesday. Insurrection is the only applicable word, when the U.S. Capitol was attacked and multiple people died. As an American citizen, I am sickened.

Nevertheless, this morning I received some surprising good news. It was about my romantic comedy "Stand Tall!"

Several weeks ago, it was named a quarter-finalist in the inaugural Stage 32 New Voices in Animation Screenwriting Contest. Today, I received this info...

Yep, there I am, among people who are skilled in writing for animation. What am I doing with them? Advancing one rung in this competition is an achievement. But two? I'm flabbergasted.

Two weeks from today, I'll learn whether I become a finalist with my large-scale tale of 16-foot-plus Vegas waitress-turned-showroom-headliner Colleen Cossitt (https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988). Keep your fingers crossed. Have a pleasant weekend...and please pray for America.

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