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Trying to feel Christmas-y during a difficult year

"And so this is Christmas,
and what have we done?"
-- John Lennon, "Merry Xmas (War Is Over)"

The Christmas season is meant to symbolize joy -- after all, it's one of Christendom's most important holidays. But this year in particular, it's synonymous with despair. For the first time in more than a century, the globe is suffering through a pandemic, even in a nation whose resources and affluence should have put this under control some time ago. The economy is in the midst of major turmoil, while hate and racism scar our society.

The characters Carole Lombard and Gary Cooper played in the 1931 drama "I Take This Woman" didn't have to endure the depression the real world faced that year, or that many of us do now. Millions are struggling, deprived of work, of money, of help, of hope. Coronavirus has taken hundreds of thousands of loved ones from our lives, and even those who survive the virus will not go unscathed in one form or another.

I'm currently in a group home in Los Angeles, where I've lived since September 2018, and as bad as things are, I at least have shelter, friends and food. Money is minimal, but that's a perverse blessing in an area where Covid-19 is running rampant; you're not tempted to leave the household, where you could come in contact with someone spreading the virus (unwittingly or otherwise). My heart goes out to the thousands on Skid Row, unprotected from the pandemic. There but for the grace of God I could be alongside them.

Above is the New Yorker's first Christmas cover, from December 1925. The joy it exuded some nine and a half decades ago resonates today, to a world that needs it desperately. Yes, 2021 can't arrive soon enough.

That's actress Morgan Fairchild, one of my favorite Twitter pals, not just for her beauty (and talent) but for her brains and heart, wishing you a wondrous holiday season, and reminding us to wear a mask to protect both yourself and others. After all, isn't the Golden Rule what nearly every faith is about?

We'll leave you with some Lombard Christmas pics. Enjoy your holiday, whatever you celebrate, and stay safe.

To close, a holiday standard introduced during World War II, when the fate of the world was as uncertain as it is now -- "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas," from the film "Meet Me In St. Louis," beautifully performed by Frank Sinatra.


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