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Oh deer, it's Gary Cooper

We've previously run this photo from Carole Lombard's "I Take This Woman," as her New York socialite character, now on the Wyoming turf of her new rancher husband Gary Cooper, meets some of his pals as he shows off his taxidermy skills. Yes, gang, it's going to be a 1931 version of a culture clash (but since I've seen the film, don't fret -- there'll be a happy ending between Coop and Carole).

This is an original 8" x 10", though the rear shows it initially was part of the collection of one Jacques Moreau:

You can buy this original still for $249.99, or make an offer. Get all the details at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gary-Cooper-CAROLE-LOMBARD-I-TAKE-THIS-WOMAN-1931-PARAMOUNT-ORIG-PHOTO-357/324415098301?hash=item4b88a58dbd:g:rCYAAOSwWUJf1RbY.


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