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The bamboo curtain

Okay, you ask, what's that picture doing here? Is it another entry related to TCM's Asians in film series this month, this time focusing on Asian animal actors? Is it a salute to the success of the recent "Kung Fu Panda"?

Nope on either count. Don't concentrate on the panda in the picture, but rather what it's eating -- bamboo. There's the connection.

Among bamboo's many uses is as a fine paper, and a 20" x 24" bamboo art print of a Carole Lombard picture is now available at eBay. Even better, the portrait is a relatively uncommon one, probably taken about 1933 or so:

Moreover, 10 percent of the sale price will support the World Wildlife Fund, which helps protect pandas and many other endangered species. And that no doubt would please Carole, who genuinely loved animals:

Bidding starts at $39.95 -- it lasts through next Sunday -- or you can "buy it now" for $49.95. A beautiful Lombard portrait for a cause you'll feel good about. For more, go to


But if you get the print, some advice: Keep it away from pandas.

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