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A LAMP-lighter: 'Stand Tall!' takes another award

As Carole Lombard peruses a movie script, I'm becoming increasingly confident someday soon, a professional actor not only will read one of mine, but then perform it on screen. My optimism wqs bolstered today, when I received some good news from the Los Angeles Motion Picture Festival:

My romantic comedy "Stand Tall!" has another award in its trophy case...

It's the second award it's won in 2020; the first was back in February, at the LA Under The Stars Festival:

"Stand Tall!" is a rom-com spin on a popular sci-fi subgenre, the "giant woman" movie, pioneered in 1958 with the original "Attack Of The 50-Foot Woman" and variously reworked in ensuing years. While its tone is feel-good and family-friendly, this tale of Vegas waitress Colleen Cossitt accidentally tripling in size, using her enhanced stature to become a beloved showroom headliner then vowing to rescue the scientist whose mishap enlarged her has genuine emotional depth to counter its kitsch premise. Gentle and generous, Colleen is a colossus who's easy to cheer for.

It's a fun and easy read, too, even if you're not a professional actor. Take a glance at its 103 pages at https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988

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