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Potential scriptwriters, 'Hop' to it

I often wonder how Carole Lombard would fare as an actress in 2020 (in our hypothetical Hollywood of today, there's no such thing as coronavirus). While technological advances have arguably removed much of the soul from moviemaking, other leaps forward have made the process of creating a film infinitely easier than it was in her time.

Marketing a screenplay, for example.

In 1941, Carole, Jack Benny, Robert Stack, director Ernst Lubitsch and others have fun during a table read of "To Be Or Not To Be"...but earlier, when the legendary director sought producers for the dark comedy (Lombard put some of her money into the production, just as she did for her previous film, "Mr. & Mrs. Smith"), he had to do some persuading. And if the likes of Lubitsch had challenges securing producers for United Artists, imagine what faced those with less illustrious reputations, then and now.

In 2020, at least, there's apparently a solution. It's called ScriptHop, and here's more about it:

As a screenwriter, I fully understand the problems of the process, and sympathize with those at other points (readers who look over a script, called "coverage" in the industry, prospective producers, etc.). ScriptHop's intention: To enable writers to easily create a marketing package that's not only attractive, but can be revised as needed.

I was skeptical, so I put ScriptHop to the test with my most producer-ready script, the romantic comedy "Stand Tall!" With some input, here's some of what I came up with in relatively rapid time:

A very impressive package. How about some more of what ScriptHop offers:

Additional elements on the way include a gallery and storyboards, a sizzle reel and more. One of the sites I use, scriptrevolution.com, even provides a link to the ScriptHop packet:

For many of you, all of this is so much inside baseball; fine. But for those of us who are creative types, this is a godsend. Once I make a few revisions to my other completed feature screenplay, "Fugitive Sweetheart," I'll put it through the ScriptHop process too. It isn't necessarily meant to replace other elements in my screenwriting arsenal, but complements them beautifully.

Check it out at https://www.scripthop.com/; find a link to my "Stand Tall!" packet at https://packet.scripthop.com/vincent_stand_tall! And who knows? Perhaps our 2020 Lombard -- who in real life was noted for her script-evaluating sense -- would crank out one of her own.


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