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Ready to "Rumba" with Raft

"Rumba" was an attempt by Carole Lombard, George Raft and Paramount to make lightning strike twice, following the success of their dance film "Bolero" in early 1934. But one year later, things didn't quite pan out. Was it the imposition of a strict Production Code that prevented the studio from once again hiring fan dancer Sally Rand, or from showing Lombard in lingerie? Was it a weaker script, or perhaps the public's realization that if it wanted a dance musical, it might as well be one with singing, such as what Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers were doing at RKO.

Whatever, "Rumba" was a disappointment to all concerned, although Carole and George probably had some fun away from the set. (Lombard privately told female friends that in a purely sexual sense, Raft -- a notorious ladies' man -- was the best lover she'd ever had.) Did that sensuality carry over to this photo of the two? You decide:

It's a vintage gelatin silver, single-weight, glossy finish photo. While the condition isn't listed by the seller, it's noted there are faint creases and light surface wear.

This image, new to me, sells for $125, or you can make an offer. Get additional information at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Carole-Lombard-George-Raft-GORGEOUS-35-RUMBA-Publicity-Portrait/203180095218?hash=item2f4e7a36f2:g:q7gAAOSwjkFfrr9g.

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