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'This Was Hollywood': A friend of mine books some movie history

What does Carole Lombard have in common with the cat seen just below? Both appeared in the 1928 Mack Sennett comedy short "Run, Girl, Run." The feline, named Puzzums, was a very popular film performer in the day -- we profiled it in a February 2019 entry, https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/979753.html -- and now, its story and many others are part of a new book written by my Facebook friend Carla Valderrama. (In fact, it even made the cover.)

Valderrama is skilled at comedy -- her resume includes work with the Upright Citizens Brigade troupe (see a Christmas skit below) -- but like me, she also loves film history.

"This Was Hollywood" examines various elements of movies dating back to Hollywood's infancy as a cinema production center. Examine the table of contents:

Even better, here are intros to several of the articles:

My endorsement isn't enough? How about one from Leonard Maltin?

The book is 240 pages, full of wonderful photographs, and will be released Nov. 17. The hardcover version sells for $25.49, the Kindle version for $14.99. Order or learn more by visiting https://www.amazon.com/This-Was-Hollywood-Forgotten-Stories/dp/0762495863.

And while many of us worry about the future of the industry, Carla is confident Hollywood will live:


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