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Something for Clark to think about

"No Man Of Her Own," released at the tail end of 1932, will always be known in Carole Lombard lore as the only film she made with Clark Gable, four years before they became a romantic item. But perhaps Carole subconsciously planted the seeds for passion with what she wore in character as small-town librarian turned big-city wife Connie Randall.

Note this item from the February 1933 issue of Motion Picture magazine:

The outfit in question?

The story is studio puffery, disguising that Miriam Hopkins rejected the role since Gable would be top-billed by Paramount, a condition of his loan-out from MGM. I'm not sure how well Hopkins worked with Paramount wardrobe folks, but everyone in that department enjoyed working with Lombard. And the gown indeed dazzles. No wonder Gable was impressed, even though no real-life sparks flew between him and Carole. It's nice to have it described in full.

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