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How is Lombard like Garbo?

In 1936's "The Princess Comes Across," Carole Lombard -- playing a Brooklyn showgirl passing herself off as Swedish royalty on a trans-Atlantic ship so she can get a movie contract -- hilariously sent up a film icon from Sweden, Greta Garbo, by speaking in a mock Swedish accent. But nearly six years earlier, a magazine actually compared Carole to Greta.

This picture is from the October 1930 issue of a magazine named Broadway and Hollywood Movies. Until today, it was a publication I'd never heard of, but a Google check revealed it existed for a few years, through at least 1933. I don't have the story this image was trying to illustrate, but it was about stars who had a definite resemblance to other actors.

Lombard was said to resemble Garbo, something that must have tickled Carole -- but the story added her voice was nothing like that of the iconic Swede. In February 1930, Garbo became the last MGM star to appear in a talkie, an adaptation of Eugene O'Neill's "Anna Christie," so by that fall, the public was familiar with her voice.

I'd love to see the story to examine other comparisons it made. In retrospect, what's most peculiar about this is that the magazine labeled her a "Pathe star" (the image is indeed from that studio), even though by the second half of 1930 Carole had signed with Paramount and had long been gone from Pathe. I'm guessing this magazine focused more on "Broadway" than "Hollywood."

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