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The cadet who kissed Carole

January 15, 1942 would be a momentous day for Carole Lombard, albeit one fate would not give her much time to savor. As it turned out, her path intersected with a cadet at Culver Military Academy who journeyed to Indianapolis to participate in ceremonies associated with Lombard's war bond rally.

David James McElroy, known to his classmates as "Dave," made a $2 bet with another cadet that he could win a kiss from the Hollywood star...and apparently did it. (I believe that's him photographed with Carole above.) But any joy he earned from the feat disappeared the following evening, when he learned Lombard and everyone aboard Flight 3 had died in a Nevada plane accident.

McElroy was very active at Culver, as this list from his yearbook entry shows:

According to Lombard historian Brian Anderson, McElroy "graduated from the University of Michigan, became a television researcher, writer and producer, multiple Emmy winner, and later retired as a Chicago bank vice president." He died in 2011 at age 86.

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