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The day I got 'Lucky'

Yesterday's entry regarding actress Zooey Deschanel, her appearance in the July issue of Lucky magazine and her comment about Carole Lombard (next to a picture of Carole) piqued my interest. So on my dinner break at work, I headed to the nearby mall and bought a copy of said magazine...and as a 52-year-old male, let's face it: I am hardly their prime clientele.

I located the Lombard picture -- and lo and behold, I don't have to scan it, because it's already in my collection. Here it is, for your edification, just as it was described:

As to its origin, I'm not sure of it either. It could be a Paramount publicity still, but I don't see any "P1202" reference -- so if it was originally taken by the studio, this version has been cropped. Maybe it is indeed from a Conde Nast magazine of the time, such as Vogue or the original Vanity Fair.

However, here's a bonus picture for you...Carole wearing a similar outfit, but seen from a different angle!

And yet another bonus -- same setting, different outfit:

Back to Zooey, who is one of these actresses you should know more about, but don't. She's sort of a younger version of Parker Posey -- a talented regular on the indie film circuit -- and according to Lucky, she can also sing: she just released her first album. She's 28 years old, and at that age, Carole Lombard was near the apex of her career, with major studios crafting vehicles for her. In contrast, Zooey is barely visible to the multiplex crowd. (Says something about movie marketing of today vs. yesterday, doesn't it?)

We'll help boost her visibility by posting a few pix of this lovely, likable lady (any actress who admires Lombard moves a few notches up on our list):


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