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Guess who wanted to look like Lombard?

Yes, a notable actress envied Carole's allure. Some hints on her identity:
1. She achieved considerable success in her own right.
2. While Lombard was married to two Hollywood legends, this lady was married to one.
3. She never met Carole.

OK, who was she? The answer...

...Lauren Bacall, shown alongside Humphrey Bogart. While she was a quarter-century younger than late bloomer Bogie, they made for a splendid couple both on and off screen.

Bacall's comment about Carole came during a 1996 interview (https://manchesternewspapers.com/2020/08/16/remind-rewind-lauren-bacall-from-the-archives/) -- "I have never liked looking at myself. I've never enjoyed that sight! I wanted to look like Carole Lombard! (laughs)"

She added what helped guide her through difficult times was "My humor. I think that saved me. A life without humor is no life for me. I think humor is essential." Cool sex appeal didn't hurt either.

By the time Bogart died in January 1957, Bacall had built her own identity as a screen actress in films such as "How To Marry A Millionaire," then successfully transitioned to stage success as well. She also had three children (two by Bogart), and left us six Augusts ago, a month before she would have turned 90.

I have no doubt that she and Carole would have made fine friends, as Lombard almost certainly would've joined Bogie, Bacall and other Hollywood progressives in fighting the postwar "red scare" that led many writers to be blacklisted.

The reflective photo of Lombard at top was taken by George Hurrell, who also worked with Bacall in 1945 for this:


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