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On this torrid day, a few hot pics

One of my dreams as a Carole Lombard historian and researcher is to create a book illustrating her series of Paramount p1202 portraits (that was her studio player code number), from p1202-1, shown above in 1930, to her final one in 1938; they total about 1,800. Unfortunately, there are several roadblocks:

* Paramount sold its pre-1948 film library to MCA (now part of Universal) in the mid-1950s.
* Does Paramount have a library of its stills and other pre-1948 artifacts? I have no idea, nor am I aware of any catalog of Carole's p1202 images. It would be a major boon to Lombard researchers.

Over the years, I've collected several hundred p1202s, and today I discovered another one: p1202-228, probably from late 1931 or early '32.

That's one of three new Lombard images I've tracked down. Now to the other two.

Not all Carole photos at Paramount were p1202s. Many were from a specific production, with a movie code (e.g., 1477 for "Bolero"). Some pics had no markings at all, such as this one I believe to be from the mid-1930s:

Finally, Lombard with second husband Clark Gable. This is said to have been taken at the Hollywood Brown Derby, but the background to me more closely resembles the MGM commissary in Culver City:

Three nice photos to reflect upon while enduring this torrid August.

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