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Upon further review...

I was feeling so self-satisfied Monday, believing I had helped promote a heretofore unseen photo of Carole Lombard with fellow 1930s legend Fay Wray. Today, reality may have knocked me down a peg (not the first time it's happened, and certainly not the last).

Someone sent me this comment:

The name suggested here is Adrienne Ames; unlike Wray, it's noted she worked with Carole in 1932's "Sinners In The Sun." (And that wasn't their only collaboration -- Ames supported Lombard the following year in "From Hell To Heaven.")

A Google photo search revealed no duplicate of the image at top, but did reveal pics of them together:

The top three are from "Sinners In The Sun," the other two are "From Hell To Heaven" pics. They seem a far better match for our fashion pic at top.

Now, you ask, who was Adrienne Ames? Like Lombard, her life was sadly brief (1904-1947) and somewhat tempestuous. A Fort Worth native, she married a young Texas oilman in 1920, bore him a daughter two years later and got bit parts in Hollywood during the '20s. She headed east, studied literature, art and fashion design and marries Beverly Hills millionaire Stephen Ames in 1929. He brought her back west, where she signed a Paramount contract in late 1931, with her sex appeal evident in pics such as this:

By late 1933, she divorced her husband and married actor and longtime friend Bruce Cabot the following day. Ames and Lombard apparently were on good terms, as Adrienne attended A.C. Blumenthal's dinner for Carole in February 1935, then she and Cabot went to her famed Venice beach party. Alas, the couple separated the following month and were going to divorce until July 1936, when she changed her mind a week before it would have been final. They later actually went through with it.

By 1940, Ames had given up on films and moved to New York, where she hosted an interview show on WHN radio several days a week and even gave movie reviews for an experimental NYC TV station in late 1941. She would die of cancer on May 31, 1947, and was buried in Fort Worth.

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