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Lombard memorabilia, at home in Jersey

Carole Lombard looks properly rural, holding a dog in the hay at her San Fernando Valley ranch in this 1937 Paramount portrait, p1202-1546. It's one of nearly two dozen Lombard items available at the Motion Picture Arts Gallery in East Rutherford, N.J. (https://mpagallery.com), and sells for $60 (https://www.mpagallery.com/Products/Item/10014556.htm).

Oddly, despite the firm's title, only one poster of a Lombard film is in the list -- this one-sheet, from "Swing High, Swing Low":

It's in very good condition and sells for $900. Go to https://www.mpagallery.com/Products/Musical/10007116.htm to learn more.

The collection features several rarities, such as this lobby card from the Mack Sennett two-reeler "Run, Girl, Run":

(Dig those high-heeled sneakers Carole's character Norma Nurmi is wearing. Just how did she race in them, much less win?) As lobby cards go, this is expensive, selling for $300. Visit https://www.mpagallery.com/Products/Comedy/10015274.htm for additional information.

Or how about her with Chester Morris in "The Gay Bride"?

The 8" x 10" still, in good condition, lists for $40 and is at https://www.mpagallery.com/Products/Comedy/10014653.htm/

Finally, a blank herald from the '36 Universal comedy "Love Before Breakfast":

In very good condition, it sells for $50. Find it at https://www.mpagallery.com/Products/Item/10015478.htm

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