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'Orchids,' in the leaves of a book

"No More Orchids" (1932), Carole Lombard's second film for Columbia, lacks the pre-Code punch of its predecessor, "Virtue," but shows off her dramatic skills and even gives her a bit of comedy. It also was the first of several films she made with the wonderful character actor Walter Connolly, and their chemistry is superb.

The story is from a book by novelist Grace Perkins, a popular author in the early '30s whose works were converted into several films, including "Night Nurse" and "Torch Singer." A common practice at the time was for publishers to create "photoplay editions," including screen images from the movie -- and "No More Orchids" drew such treatment from its publisher, Grosset & Dunlap.

A copy of the book is on sale at eBay, though it's missing one of the four illustrations and the dust jacket. Here's what the binder looks like:

The British book jacket for "Orchids" looked like this:

From the seller, more about these books:

It's selling for $9.99, and as the seller noted, buyers must use PayPal. Learn more about the item at https://www.ebay.com/itm/No-More-Orchids-photoplay-NO-DJ-Carole-Lombard-missing-one-of-4-stills-Good/402333010640?hash=item5dacea8ad0:g:~NsAAOSwoYBfC3aH.

Hard to believe in retrospect, but our 18th star out of 20 nearly had her incredibly appropriate (and real) name changed to the forgettable Inez Holmes. However, no one could forget her sunny personality, superlative work ethic, gorgeous legs or spunky acting style. Delighting audiences from the early '30s to the late '70s, Warners' pre-Code goddess, Joan Blondell:


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