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Join the Lombard lobby

Carole Lombard was featured in all sorts of movie memorabilia, among them lobby cards. Take this one, for instance, from the 1931 Paramount drama "I Take This Woman." Carole's said woman, "taken" from Manhattan high society by ranch hand Gary Cooper, who's trying to persuade a skeptical Lombard with a deer head. Good luck with that, Coop.

This is one of three Lombard lobby cards available for $350. The others are from 1939's "In Name Only"...

...and a late silent-era card, 1928's "Power" with William Boyd:

To see and possibly purchase them, visit the seller "mpagallery" at https://www.ebay.com.

You don't associate yesterday's star in our 20-day list, Eva Marie Saint, with comedy...but she made one with today's honoree, "That Certain Feeling," in 1956. Then again, he worked with lots of leading ladies, even Lombard (on radio), though his best-known femme co-star more often than not was in a sarong. Let's hit "the road" with Bob Hope:


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