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Even without Lombard, a starry summer's in sight

Good news for Claudette Colbert fans, bad news for Carole Lombard's. In a vote conducted by the fan site TCMBacklot.com, Colbert defeated Lombard in a runoff to gain a slot in this August's Turner Classic Movies annual extravaganza, "Summer Under The Stars."

Carole last participated in SUTS in 2014. Better luck next year. (And since both Lombard and Colbert worked at Paramount for several years, might Universal -- which controls most pre-1948 Paramount titles -- have several of each's films available as potential TCM premieres?)

Despite Lombard's absence, this year's SUTS will feature a leggy blonde best known for comedy who like Carole evolved into a savvy businesswoman (and may have watched many of her films in her youth). We're referring to one of several first-time honorees, who'll turn 75 this November...

..the dazzling Goldie Hawn. We'll have 24 hours of her films Aug. 9.

Here's the entire lineup:

There are 12 SUTS newcomers, including several surprisingly there for the first time (Sylvia Sidney, John Barrymore, Dolores Del Rio, George Raft, Paul Henreid) and all-around legend Sammy Davis Jr., shown with his Rat Pack buddies:

And many selections this year have cinematic ties to Carole -- not just Barrymore, Raft and first-time honoree Anne Shirley, but Cary Grant and William Powell.

This promises to be another exciting SUTS. I'm looking forward to it, even without Lombard.

Our star today, the fifth of 20, co-starred with Carole in her next-to-last movie, made five films with yesterday's honoree Rosalind Russell, and brightened any movie he was in. Moreover, he fathered a magical and talented TV icon. Who else could it be but Robert Montgomery?


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