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The great Lombard beauty mystery

It wasn't meant as a birthday present for Carole & Co., but we'll view it as one. Sanniya Harmony, who's done scores of gorgeous Lombard collages, issued one yesterday, one I'm happy to share with you.

It precedes this mysterious piece about the actress:

It's from a fan magazine, apparently in late 1935 or early '36 according to the reference to "Hands Across The Table." Its author, Mary Watkins Reeves (1913-1999) later wrote for radio soap operas such as "The Romance Of Helen Trent" and "Stella Dallas."

Beyond that, I know nothing. I don't even have the second page.

But I will soon! I just purchased the two-page article at eBay (for $12.95 including shipping and handling), and soon after it arrives, I should have all the answers for you.

This mystery will soon be solved.

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