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Dynamite dress, but...

These are arguably the two most alluring, form-fitting gowns Carole Lombard ever wore on screen. (Her glittery gown from "My Man Godfrey" is in a slightly different category and isn't shown here.)

The one on the bottom, designed by Irene, is from her cinematic valedictory, "To Be Or Not To Be"; her Maria Tura is to wear it during the Warsaw troupe's never-produced Nazi satire play "Gestapo!" The other is from a comparatively anonymous film, one Carole denigrated during her lifetime -- "The Gay Bride." Designed by Dolly Tree, this outfit enabled Lombard to experience MGM-style glamour.

Alas, such glamour doesn't extend to her face in this photo with co-star Chester Morris:

It's an 8" x 10" original with a few blemishes aside from the dour look of Carole's character. It can be yours for $49.99. Get all the details at https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-GAY-BRIDE-ORIG-PHOTO-1934/383584906306?hash=item594f712c42:g:HSAAAOSwprte4WNN.

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