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A Memorial Day tribute from 'Variety'

It's been nearly eight decades since the world lost Carole Lombard, but the entertainment industry still fondly remembers her. That was made evident this morning when Variety magazine ran this about her (https://variety.com/2020/film/news/carole-lombard-plane-crash-memorial-day-world-war-ii-1234615152/).

The article by Cynthia Littleton reflects the sorrow throughout Hollywood following her death. As Daily Variety editor Arthur Ungar wrote in a front-page editorial on Jan. 19, 1942, "Carole Lombard died in the line of duty. She was the first casualty of [American] show business in this world war. She was in active service on a mission for the United States -- selling Defense Bonds -- when death suddenly overtook her in the skies."

Here's Variety's coverage of the planned war bond drives by Lombard and other stars:

A few days later, Variety looked back at the Lombard Hollywood knew and loved:

The town would never be the same.

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