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'Novella'? Now that's Italian!

Novella was a Milan-based movie magazine that placed Carole Lombard on its cover in the summer of 1932. It turns out she was a cover subject the previous year as well, teaming with her beloved Alaskan malamute Basco:

Here are closeups of two of the cover's corners:

Here are some of the inside pages (and ads), to give you a feel for this publication:

The eBay seller, "sleepyjean" (oh, what can it mean?), has put this Italian-language publication up for auction. Bidding begins at $6.99, with the auction closing at 11:42 a.m. (Eastern) Sunday. If interested or curious, visit https://www.ebay.com/itm/NOVELLA-June-1931-ITALY-Movie-Film-Magazine-CAROLE-LOMBARD-Cover-Italian/274375836917?hash=item3fe21304f5:g:w~0AAOSwtiJewVrv.

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