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Cheering the carefree Carole

It's the fall of 1935, and you're the entertainment editor of a newspaper. The above photo of Carole Lombard arrives from Paramount -- her new romantic comedy, "Hands Across The Table," has just been released, and advance word is very good -- so you choose to find a place on the page to put this cheery picture.

We have this original pic, as well as a snipe on the back:

Can't read it? A larger version:

"The true Lombard"? We'd agree, and no doubt many newspaper readers of the day would, too.

You can buy this 8" x 10" original for $36, and 10 percent of that will go to the famed St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. To purchase, go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Original-CAROLE-LOMBARD-Laughing-Portrait-1935/224016468012?hash=item34286c082c:g:QFwAAOSwnI5exIDP.

And don't forget -- today is the deadline to vote for Carole vs. Claudette Colbert in TCM's "Summer Under The Stars" run-off. Go to https://www.tcmbacklot.com/content/member-voting.

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