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Carole & Clark. Carole & Bill. Carole & Frank + Miriam, too.

Many Carole Lombard fans have longed for a Blu-ray release of "No Man Of Her Own" (1932), her lone collaboration with future husband Clark Gable. Do I have good news for you. On Aug. 4, it and two other Lombard films from the early '30s will be available.

Lombard Blu-rays have been frequent in recent years -- think Criterion's re-upgrade of "My Man Godfrey," or KinoLerber's "Nothing Sacred." Now KL is mining Carole's Paramount output (largely controlled by Universal), having released "Supernatural" last month and now adding "No Man Of Her Own," 1931's "Man Of The World" with William Powell (speaking of future husbands)...

...and her second Paramount film (the only one she ever filmed in New York), 1930's "Fast And Loose" with Frank Morgan and Miriam Hopkins:

All three include trailers and 4K restorations, while "No Man Of Her Own" features audio commentary from film historian nick Pinkerton and "Man Of The World" does likewise, courtesy of film historian Samm Deighan. Optional English subtitles are included, too.

The Gable-Lombard connection makes "No Man Of Her Own" the best-known of the three, and while it's no classic, Carole serves up some hints of the screwball queen to come (just as she did in her previous film, Columbia's "No More Orchids"). And since it is pre-Code, we get to see more of Lombard (skin-wise, at least) than we would past mid-1934:

But the best thing about this set? It's listed as "Carole Lombard Collection I." What goodies await us from future packages? (No sales information is available as of yet, although a similar three-film Barbara Stanwyck collection sells for $29.97.)

The number of Lombard films on Blu-ray continues to grow, but there's one conspicuous holdout...

..."Twentieth Century": No DVD release of any kind -- Blu-ray or otherwise -- since 2005, some 15 years. Shame on you, Sony.

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