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Get Carole 'Under The Stars' this August

Carole Lombard has done plenty for her fans over the years. Here's your chance to return the favor.

Turner Classic Movies in the U.S. will hold its annual August extravaganza, "Summer Under The Stars" (SUTS), this year, and Carole could be part of the event.

But to do it, she'll have to beat out her one-time Paramount stablemate...

...Claudette Colbert, shown with Lombard and Paramount designer Travis Banton in the October 1937 issue of Photoplay.

We've conducted victorious campaigns for Carole before (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/592300.html), but this rodeo is a bit different. To vote, you must be a member of TCM Backlot, the channel's official fan site.

It's a club with many benefits. See below:

There is a fee (monthly or annual), and you can get the particulars at https://join.tcmbacklot.com. Once you join, you can cast your vote for Carole.

At last check, Lombard was trailing 52 percent to 48 percent, but the vote doesn't end until May 20. The other SUTS contest pits two male character actors from the '40s, Sydney Greenstreet (left) vs. C.S. "Cuddles" Sakall.

If you're not back at work come August, you may as well spend 24 hours of it watching Lombard. Help make that happen.

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