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Vengeance is hers, with a Hitch

This scene of Carole Lombard in a tub was filmed for "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," the 1941 marital comedy directed by, of all people, Alfred Hitchcock. We learn more about this, and other indignities he put Carole through, in this United Press article fro the Nov. 5, 1940 Allentown (Pa.) Morning Call (double-clickto read it at full scale):

(Four hours in a hot tub...for 15 seconds?) It thoroughly explains why Lombard gleefully gave Hitch a dose of his own medicine when directing his customary cameo, which we noted earlier this year at https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/1063467.html.

More than any other piece I've read on her "directing," this vividly shows Carole letting Hitchcock -- a friend whose home he briefly rented after arriving in America -- experience how the other half feels. And from reading this account, she obviously wasn't being malicious in any way.

After what Tippi Hedren (who recently turned 90) endured on "The Birds" and "Marnie," she probably wishes she had volunteered to direct one of Hitch's cameos.

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