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Choose your Carole quarantine house

As we persevere through these difficult times (compounded by the weather here in Los Angeles, where it's not supposed to persistently rain on April 9), I thought it time to have some fun.

A recent and frequent Internet meme, "choose your quarantine house," goes something like this: You're given several possible "houses" to reside in during the crisis, all with a few celebrity guests (usually five). Which one do you choose? Below is one of the more popular examples.

(Frankly, none of these six houses completely appeal to me. But I digress.)

Such "house lists" have used all sorts of criteria, from sports teams' stars to dead authors, a fun way to pass the time while so many of us are staying at home. One version I saw listed Golden Age stars...but guess who was omitted from the "houses"?

Yep, Carole Lombard (a bit more cheerful than as her role as a nurse at top in "Vigil In The Night"). I like to think she was kept out because any quarantined house that included Lombard and her vibrant personality would win such a competition in a landslide.

So what we'll do here in setting up our quarantine house game is automatically include Carole, with five guests to accompany her. We'll add one restriction -- this is set before Pearl Harbor, so no Marilyn Monroe or later stars.

I want you to nominate five notables of classic Hollywood to join yourself and Lombard in this house (and don't worry, we've supplied unlimited food and toilet paper). My quarantine quintet:

William Powell...

...Myrna Loy...

...Barbara Stanwyck...

...Orson Welles...

...and Joan Blondell.

Pretty convivial group, wouldn't you think? I certainly would enjoy being around them.

OK, let's have your five Carole contemporaries to share her hypothetical quarantine house for our fictional (and much less severe) pandemic. Lombard awaits her guests.


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