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The Carol(e)(s) remind you to stay safe

It's been slightly more than 24 hours since we first sent this image of Carole Lombard, as Irene Bullock of "My Man Godfrey" fame, wearing a mask for health reasons (and presumably to protect her beloved "protege" Godfrey, too). It's drawn a welcome response -- I like to think that somewhere, Lombard gets a laugh from it -- and I wanted to salute its creators.

My Facebook friend in San Diego, author Carol Sveilich, is famed for her puckish sense of humor as well as her two cats, Mr. Yao Katzenberger (pictured with her) and Sadie.

Sveilich frequently places herself in photos, such as becoming one of Dean Martin's Golddiggers on a holiday show:

Knowing this, I asked her late on Friday to do a Lombard-themed coronavirus pic for me, only to learn she didn't make them herself but commissioned someone to create them. I replied "fine," or something to that extent, and moved on to Saturday's entry on suggested screwball/romantic comedies to watch while quarantined.

I had nearly completed it late that morning when Carol messaged me with the delightful news that the pic was ready...although it happened to originate from the same still I had planned to use. No problem -- I simply substituted another "Godfrey" pic where that pic was going to run.

"Coronavirus Carole" has made the rounds of both Facebook and Twitter (where it's been retweeted), a fun image for many classic Hollywood fans. If you'd like to copy it, be my guest.

As I wanted to give credit where credit is due, I asked Carol for the creator's name, but she replied he preferred to remain anonymous. So whomever he is, kudos for a job well done.

Another longtime friend named Carol S. -- OK, Carole S. (Sampeck) -- has also come up with another Lombard-themed creation. Sampeck, who with me is one of the two people "Carole Lombard -- Twentieth-Century Star" is dedicated to (BTW, happy birthday to its author, Michelle Morgan!), finally finished this fabulous Lombard drawing on March 29:

Sampeck notes: "Technically, it took me only 32 years to finish this. There was always something slightly 'off,' but I couldn't determine what. Fixed it today. (YAY!) My girl Carole Lombard."

Well worth the wait, Carole. It's beautiful.

Stay safe, everyone.

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