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TCM links Lombard to Oscar

OK, so Carole Lombard never won an Academy Award. That's not stopping Turner Classic Movies from including her in its 31 Days Of Oscar celebration tomorrow night.

At 8 p.m. (Eastern), TCM will show the 1942 Ernst Lubitsch classic dark comedy "To Be Or Not To Be," whose only Oscar nomination came for best original music score. That will be followed at 10 with another Lombard gem, "My Man Godfrey" (1936)...

...where Lombard, William Powell, Mischa Auer and Alice Brady were nominated in lead and supporting acting categories. Gregory La Cava was nominated for best director and Eric Hatch and Morrie Ryskind for best adapted screenplay. None of them won.

TCM's format this year is to link from film to film; for example, preceding "To Be" is another Jack Benny movie, "George Washington Slept Here." And at midnight, "Godfrey" is followed with another from Powell...

...the wonderful "One Way Passage" (1932) with Kay Francis. A paradise cocktail to all.

One more thing: The Twitter site TCM Party has scheduled a live "Godfrey" tweet. Sounds like fun.

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