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When cattle direct

Did Alfred Hitchcock, shown with Carole Lombard on the set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," actually say "actors are cattle"? No, the iconic director claimed; according to him, he actually said "all actors should be treated like cattle."

In late 1940, one of his figurative livestock got the chance to turn the tables on Hitch. By now, the director was noted for making brief cameos in his films, and when it came time to do his cameo for "Mr. & Mrs. Smith," Lombard -- as keen on innovative publicity as Hitchcock, as well as one of his first close American friends -- offered to direct the scene. Hitch accepted.

Still pictures of the scene are plentiful, but have you ever seen it in motion? Well, here it is, all 21 seconds of it. There's an irrelevant instrumental soundtrack added (it almost certainly was filmed without sound), and it's a delight to watch Carole put Hitchcock through his paces.

It's at https://www.facebook.com/116507283062643/videos/161635928583243/. Give it a look-see.


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