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If you're wondering what happened to me...

By now, I guess many of you know I suffered a minor heart attack Wednesday night, my second in 14 years (hence the Carole Lombard "heart" picture at the top of this entry). Thanks to the good people at McCormick Ambulance and St. Francis Medical Center in Lynwood, Calif., I'm back home after two days -- one in the ICU, the other recuperating.

This came at a rather inopportune time for me. Not only was Thursday my first day without an entry since March 31, 2018 -- thus ending a string of 21 1/2 months with one each day -- but as most Lombard fans know, Jan. 16 was the 78th anniversary of Carole's passing, a day we solemnly commemorate. Moreover, Thursday marked the start of the Carole Lombard Memorial Blogathon (see above), which I was to co-host with "In The Good Old Days Of Classic Hollywood."

Crystal Kalyana Pacey has run things in my absence (thank you!), and seven entries have been received so far (https://crystalkalyana.wordpress.com/2020/01/16/the-carole-lombard-memorial-blogathon-is-here/). Hope we'll have a few more ready tomorrow, when the event is scheduled to close, and I intend to have one among them. (Early Wednesday evening, I was planning my entry, looking to send it early Thursday, but alas, I never got the chance to prepare it.)

Upon hearing the news of my hospitalization, many of you sent messages of encouragement; I offer my thanks for the love you showed, it keeps me going. I am blessed to know so many wonderful people.

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