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Falling into the Gap

We've been "on the farm" with Carole Lombard in 1937 the past few days (the predecessor to the Encino ranch she and Clark Gable settled down in after their marriage a few years later), and here she is looking over the several-acre site, the Paramount still p1202-1533.

More than half a century later, that portrait was employed in an advertisement for the Gap clothing chain:

A near-mint print ad of this, measuring 8" x 11", is available at eBay:

You can purchase this straight up for $37 or make an offer. All the details are at https://www.ebay.com/itm/1994-Carole-Lombard-photo-The-Gap-fashion-clothes-store-vintage-print-ad/312931391200?hash=item48dc2a16e0:g:KPkAAOSwGjtcygGf.

It's fascinating to think how Lombard remained part of the public consciousness in the 1990s, probably from generations who saw her films on over-the-air local TV long before cable, streaming and the proliferation of channels. What film star of the past would elicit that response today, and could be cited in a 2020 ad? Marilyn Monroe, certainly; she's been commodified for decades to the point where, like Mickey Mouse, she's known more as a symbol than for what she actually did on screen (which unfortunately has obscured Monroe's humanity). Beyond that, hardly anyone would qualify.

Some other things I learned while in research for this entry: Carole's image was flipped for some versions of the ad...

...and at the 1937 photo session, another, slightly different pose was made:

Finally, I couldn't recall what other notables the Gap had used in its khaki campaign. Then I came across this:

Andy Warhol and Carole Lombard now have something in common.

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