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A nice way to start the (20)'20s

Carole & Co. has made it to the '20s...the 2020s, that is. If you were born on or before Dec. 31, 1939, you've completed stamping all ten decades on your life card -- congratulations! (I sent that comment to ageless Facebook friend Mamie Van Doren, whose favorite quotes include "Get as old as you f------ can," and she liked it.)

I'm entering my eighth decade -- with luck, I'll experience the '30s and '40s, too -- with this good news: My rom-com script "Stand Tall!" has qualified for yet another film festival. (That's why you see Carole Lombard perusing a script at the top of this entry.)

It's the LA Under the Stars film festival, which sounds rather summery (think Turner Classic Movies' annual August spectacular "Summer Under The Stars") but is set for Friday, Feb. 21 (not Feb. 22 as originally posted). I'm a candidate for best feature screenplay, and got the word today.

Learn more about the festival at https://www.facebook.com/launderthestars/ or at Instagram @launderthestars. And if you'd like to see the 104-page script that details the romantic adventures of the large-scale and lovable Colleen Cossitt (particularly if you're a producer!), visit https://filmfreeway.com/projects/476988.

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