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Profiling 'No One Man' (and one stunning woman)

Carole Lombard may be signaling "touchdown" for "No One Man"...but after further review, the call is reversed. Carole's first top-billed vehicle, released in early 1932, is among the weakest films she made at Paramount.

But when It comes to Lombard publicity stills, the quality of said film is irrelevant -- her ethereal beauty more than makes up for it. This profile portrait from the movie makes my point:

The seller describes it as "extremely rare," a statement I'd agree with (in all my years of viewing Lombard pics, I've never come across this before), but doesn't provide any other info. I'm guessing it's an 8" x 10", but for all I know it could be an 11" x 14" or a 5" x 7". Moreover, the seller has opened bidding at $1,000 (no bids as of yet), and the auction is scheduled to close at 9:22 p.m. (Eastern) Sunday.

Interested? Curious? Find out more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/CAROLE-LOMBARD-ORIGINAL-PHOTO/283721989547?hash=item420f25fdab:g:ArsAAOSwPqZeAsfS.


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