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After 90 years, mint 'High Voltage'

It was 90 years ago that Carole Lombard began talking on screen with the otherwise creaky Pathe drama. The tale about a group of bus travelers stranded in a snowstorm isn't much of a movie, but when it comes to artifacts from the film, that's frankly irrelevant.

Note this lobby card, for instance:

It's a compilation of three scenes, two of which show Lombard with co-star William Boyd. The third pic includes Carole's equally ill-fated friend Diane Ellis, who would die on her honeymoon in December 1930.

The item is described as in "excellent-near mint" condition; there are no tears or pinholes, merely a small krinkle.

Bidding begins at $85, with the auction closing at 6:53 p.m. (Eastern) Monday. If you're determined to land this item, you can also make an offer.

Learn more about this lobby card, one I've never seen before, at https://www.ebay.com/itm/1929-CAROLE-LOMBARDS-1st-Talkie-film-HIGH-VOLTAGE-Lobby-Card-w-Wm-Boyd-EXC/274102756901?hash=item3fd1cc2625:g:tXsAAOSwl9dd0y7J.
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