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Carole, Coke and cardboard

Carole Lombard's considerable consumption of Coca-Cola, shown here in this publicity still from 1935, apparently had paid off for her several years earlier.

More than a decade ago, I wrote a Carole & Co. entry (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/199573.html) concerning this image:

A closer look reveals some cropping and marking notations:

At the bottom was the marking "color and enlarge." Such instructions were followed, and in the process we discover the man she was having a Coke with:

It's actor Phillips Holmes, a fellow Paramount player in the early '30s, although they never made a film together. Holmes also died in a 1942 aviation accident as part of a mid-air collision in Canada.

This is a die-cut cardboard cut-out for Coca-Cola advertising from 1933. As you can see, color's been added to the image, and it's definitely been enlarged -- the finished product measures a whopping 43 1/2" x 35". When writing the earlier entry in April 2009, I figured Lombard participated in a Coca-Cola ad somewhere, but never expected something quite so...considerable.

The cut-out is up for auction two weeks from today (Nov. 2) at Rich Penn Auctions in Waterloo, Iowa. This super-rarity is in good+ to very good condition. Bidding begins at $%0, but with something of this magnitude featuring one of classic Hollywood's most popular and beloved stars, there's no telling how high the bidding might go.

Interested? Then place your bid for "the pause that refreshes" by visiting https://www.invaluable.com/auction-lot/coca-cola-diecut-cdbd-sign-carole-lombard-phil-17c4d92ba6.


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