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This 'White Woman' is 86 and still looks fabulous

Of course, it helps that it is a publicity still of Carole Lombard for her late 1933 Paramount potboiler "White Woman." She's a nightclub singer in the Malaysian jungle, just married to a Cockney rubber plantation owner (an over-the-top Charles Laughton, in mustache), only to learn that while he's wealthy, he's also coarse and vulgar.

Is it much of a film? Probably not. But this photo has plenty going for it, measuring 8" x 10". There are creases in all corners, and single holes in the bottom corners.

Want this pic? The asking price is $64. Go to https://www.ebay.com/itm/Carole-Lombard-Charles-Laughton-White-Woman-VINTAGE-Photo/372802123935?hash=item56ccbcf89f:g:8E0AAOSwHbJdmB4I for additional information.

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