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Next month, Hop(per) to it at the 'What A Character!' blogathon

Just because I'll be co-hosting a blogathon (on Carole Lombard, of course) in slightly more than three months doesn't mean I can't participate in others. In November, I'll do just that.

This event is so considerable that it's co-hosted by three blogs -- Outspoken & Freckled (https://kelleepratt.com/2019/10/06/announcement-its-the-8th-annual-what-a-character-blogathon/), Paula's Cinema Club (https://paulascinemaclub.com/2019/10/06/announcing-the-what-a-character-2019-blogathon/) and Once Upon A Screen (https://aurorasginjoint.com/2019/10/06/8th-annual-what-a-character-blogathon/).

I made my choice known yesterday -- one many may have forgotten was a character actress. It's Hedda Hopper, later a Hollywood columnist for the Los Angeles Times, but someone who worked with Lombard in the 1929 Pathe talkie "The Racketeer":

Hopper had a colorful, controversial career both in film and in print. I look forward to examining it, and hope many of you join in with character-actor entries.

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