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'30s glamour: Rediscovered, new and restored

With improved technology enabling full-color photography to be reproduced on a mass scale, the beauty of Carole Lombard and other celebrities was captured like never before. Her cover picture on the March 29, 1936 New York Sunday News magazine must've wowed its millions of readers.

But others chose -- or still choose -- to go old-school when capturing cinematic glamour. Take this lovely portrait of Lombard by artist Gregg Nystrom:

Nystrom is a Houston-based paper doll artist who draws images of film stars and models. Other subjects of his include Greer Garson...

...Jayne Mansfield...

...and actress-photographer Gina Lollobrigida, who recently celebrated a birthday:

Nystrom has a Facebook site, https://www.facebook.com/Paper-Dolls-Models-Movie-Stars-Gregg-Nystrom-143143895716868/.

I also have some splendid news to report on a fabled image of fellow '30s icon Jean Harlow. The "Farewell To Earth" portrait by Tino Costa has been fully restored, and hasn't looked this good since it was unveiled to the public in 1937, not long after Jean's premature passing. Facebook friend and Harlow maven Darrell Rooney shows it off:

Those of us who love such ethereal artwork applaud. Somewhere, so do several of these subjects.

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