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Give 'Godfrey,' and others, a lift

In one of its many surveys, the site ranker.com asks readers to rank the best romantic comedies of the 1930s (https://www.ranker.com/list/best-30s-romantic-comedies/ranker-film). Carole Lombard fans can help her move up in the world.

Her 1936 classic "My Man Godfrey" is currently ranked second, trailing only "It Happened One Night." Third is the Cary Grant-Katharine Hepburn romp "Bringing Up Baby." followed by Charlie Chaplin's "City Lights," Tyrone Power and Loretta Young's "Second Honeymoon." Sixth? Another Lombard film, the Technicolor "Nothing Sacred."

Other Carole movies ranked as of this writing include "Twentieth Century" at 28th and "Hands Across The Table" at 35th.

Please vote.

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