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2020 vision: 'Fantastic Worlds' at film festival

Posted by vp19 on 2019.08.29 at 02:19
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Carole Lombard's spirit self always welcomes visitors to the Hollywood she loved so dearly (she's posing at her fabled Hollywood Boulevard residence in 1934), and that certainly will be true next April when an annual springtime tradition returns to the legendary film capital.

It's the 11th annual Turner Classic Movies Film Festival, from Thursday, April 16 to Sunday, April 19...

...and TCM officials have announced the theme is "Grand Illusions: Fantastic Worlds On Film."

On the surface, that doesn't appear to be Lombard-style terrain, or that of many of her contemporaries. According to a TCM press release, possible topics include "myths, magical creatures, ghostly encounters and time travel." Then I think there's a good chance 1937's "Topper" and 1960's "The Time Machine" are candidates to make the cut (no movies have yet been announced).

TCM has paid more attention to science fiction in recent months (even showing the 1977 landmark "Star Wars: A New Hope"), so might it include the likes of 1966's "Fantastic Voyage"...especially if it can lure the lovely Raquel Welch to speak about the film?

The good news for classic Hollywood buffs is that not every movie shown strictly adheres to that year's theme, so a Lombard film could sneak in somewhere on the schedule.

And, as usual, the legendary Hollywood Roosevelt hotel will be the festival's home base.

Wonder who will secure the famed (and fabulous) Gable and Lombard penthouse suite?

Festival passes are slated to go on sale in November, although they have increased in price for the first time in four years. You can learn more about passes at http://filmfestival.tcm.com/content/TCM-FilmFestival2020-LearnMore.pdf.

As for travel and lodgingmake arrangements now! Get all the particulars at http://filmfestival.tcm.com/content/TCM-FilmFestival2020-TravelLodging.pdf.

Two of my Facebook film friends, Kristen Lopez and Crystal Kalyana Pacey, already are planning to attend. (This will be Australian native Crystal's first TCMFF; she visited LA in late 2014.) It will be a delight to welcome everyone to this terrific event.

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