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Look who's in the window...it's 'Carole Lomb'

Above is a Spanish-language herald for Carole Lombard's 1934 drama "Now And Forever" with fellow Paramount star Gary Cooper and up-and-coming Shirley Temple. Such star power gave the film an uncharacteristically long box-office life -- especially once Temple achieved worldwide renown at 20th Century-Fox, theaters who didn't have rights to Fox product sought to cash in.

Thus "Now And Forever" was still making the rounds in 1936, albeit unfortunately in a truncated version. Not the film, mind you, but at least for this window card:

Why aren't we showing the entire window card? Because the right side of it has been trimmed. Witness:

So the leading lady's name has been abbreviated to "CAROLE LOMB." If that gives her an identity crisis, it doesn't show in this splendid artwork:

Coop comes off pretty well, too, despite some dirt on his forehead:

It's Shirley who draws the short straw here:

And for proof this is a '36 reissue...

It measures 22" x 12" on stiff cardboard, two inches narrower than it should be. Nevertheless, it's a rarity, and is listed in very good condition.

Bids begin at $79.50, with the auction set to end Saturday at 5:22 p.m. (Eastern). You can bid or learn more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/1936-NOW-AND-FOREVER-WINDOW-CARD-GARY-COOPER-CAROLE-LOMBARD-SHIRLEY-TEMPLE-RARE/303263547078?hash=item469bea7ec6:g:7ZYAAOSwWo5dWBc2.

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