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They say it's my birthday (now I'm sixty-four)

Facebook friend David Hardwick supplied this surprise -- a scene of Carole Lombard, with birthday cake, from "Brief Moment." It's been some time since I last saw this 1933 Columbia drama, so I don't recall this scene, nor did I know such a still existed.

Yes, today is my birthday, as I turn two to the sixth power...that is, 64. I've already outlived my father by more than 5 1/2 years -- and if I reach my mother's lifespan, I'll still be around in October 2048. (By then, I don't plan to tell kids to keep off my lawn, if only because I've never owned a house and thus have no lawn where anyone could trespass.)

How do I plan to celebrate? Well, I received a nice present Friday when my screenplay "Stand Tall!" was made an official selection of this event, scheduled for next month:

Another nice present would be a job, not the easiest thing to grab when there's gray in your hair. I'm scheduled to talk with someone today regarding senior employment, and perhaps I'll obtain some leads. Beyond that, I may celebrate with some pancakes at Denny's (by using my 15 percent AARP discount, it's under $2, not including drinks beyond complimentary water!)...

...then re-examine a screenplay in progress I've set aside for several weeks. Fresh eyes could provide a new perspective for this currently-stalled project.

While I often gripe about my predicament -- much of which my mistakes have brought on myself -- I'm blessed to have scores of friends, many of whom I've gained via this site. You provide light during the darker moments of my life, and I give thanks.

OK, you expect to hear this song to conclude this entry; I will not disappoint, as Sir Paul McCartney (now 77) explores his English music-hall roots.


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