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'So, what's the delivery fee?'

Honestly, I have no idea why Carole Lombard is on the phone from her Paramount dressing room. Did Hollywood restaurants deliver in 1935, which apparently was when this photo (p1202-1164) was made? Whatever, it's a fascinating image of Carole away from work in front of the (motion picture) cameras.

Of course, we'd know more if there was a snipe on the reverse, and the seller hasn't let on whether there is one. Whatever, it's an 8" x 10", apparently vintage...and here it is in full:

Interested? It'll cost you $11.11. All the info is at https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-30s-40s-Movie-Publicity-Photo-8x10-B-W-Carole-Lombard-WOW-JSH/193015762371?hash=item2cf0a2cdc3:g:eP4AAOSwbPVdOzZ-.

And if I'd owned a restaurant near Paramount in 1935, I'd waive any delivery fee to her in exchange for an autographed picture.

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