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Collecting scraps, and plenty of them

Above is part of a Carole Lombard scrapbook sold at eBay in January 2015 (https://carole-and-co.livejournal.com/756332.html). She's part of a large-scale scrapbook now up for auction, featuring at least two pictures of her.

Let's isolate and enlarge those images of her:

The seller knows his or her stuff, as this long description of the scrapbook's contents makes evident:

Its cover looks like this:

And some of the other inside pages:

These pages are from the latter half of the 1930s; the reference to "the late Jean Harlow" make it likely this was a memorial page created for her. Another page has a note about Vivien Leigh winning the Scarlett O'Hara derby.

Bidding opens at $17.50; the auction closes at 10:25 p.m. (Eastern) Saturday. Or make an offer, if you prefer. Find out more by visiting https://www.ebay.com/itm/Movie-Star-Scrapbook-92-Pg-Claudette-Colbert-Carole-Lombard-Harlow-Vivien-Leigh/293167426116?hash=item444223ea44:g:9hQAAOSwfSldM7q8.

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